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 08:30:15Algo Rhythm - Stays The Same03:36 
 08:25:10Dream Squad - Flow With The Fantasy05:05 
 08:21:10Tuff E Nuff - Yo Yo03:36 
 08:17:21Positive Connection - Abracadabra03:49 
 08:10:53Church Sisters - Rock Your Body05:41 
 08:05:14Morgan - In The Heat Of Love05:38 
 08:01:30A69 - Feel That Love Again (7 Euro Short)03:34 
 07:57:33S'dolce - I'll Fly03:38 
 07:54:03Sisters - To Dla Ciebie (Pa-Pa, Ra-Pa)03:23 
 07:49:52Off Limits - I Feel The Rhythm (Radio Version)04:11 
 07:45:27Zoom - This Must Be Love (Radio Edit)03:52 
 07:41:26Ava & Stone - All Aboard04:00 
 07:35:36Major T - Keep The Frequency Clear05:05 
 07:32:01Free 2 Night - The Only One (Radio Mix)03:35 
 07:27:41La Bouche - You Won't Forget Me04:13 
 07:24:01Cobalt - Look At Me03:39 
 07:19:21Marco Polo - Living For Fantasy (Radio Version)03:55 
 07:16:13Bexx - Sail Away (0,33 Liter Mix)03:07 
 07:11:58Daisy Dee - Information03:27 
 07:06:59Hi Dr8 - Un Break My Heart04:59 
 07:01:06DJ Panda Feat Aleexa - Dreaming Of Fantasy05:44 
 06:56:54Gabe - Wherever You Go (Radio Edit Mix)03:53 
 06:50:34Pis Of Keik - Can You See Me05:39 
 06:44:41Diana's - You Are My Angel05:15 
 06:39:23Loc 8 - Message On Air05:10 
 06:35:222 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Fly03:22 
 06:31:41Too Different - Destiny (Radio Edit)03:39 
 06:28:11Hugo - Show Me The Way (Video Mix)03:29 
 06:24:17DJ Walkman - You Hold Me03:48 
 06:20:11Andy Blackwood - I'm Gonna Get To You (Metro Radio Edit)03:32 
 06:16:09Haddaway - Fly Away03:55 
 06:12:46Mary Househouse - Stay Mine03:23 
 06:06:58Masterboy - Feel The Fire04:21 
 06:03:24The Lovers - Go Just Get It03:33 
 05:56:56Dymension - Inside My Fantasy (Extended Mix)05:55 
 05:53:05Zoo Inc - Lay Down03:50 
 05:49:18Needles - Fire03:14 
 05:44:53Diva Convention - Never Leave You Lonely04:04 
 05:39:47Kate Project - Ecstasy Of Light04:55 
 05:35:13Iq-Check - Gotta Get It Groovin'03:58 
 05:31:23T-Zone - Movin Up And Down03:43 
 05:26:05Nina Badric - Heart That Sound05:17 
 05:21:56Scooter - I'm Raving03:26 
 05:18:03Mixed Image - Can You Feel The Music03:52 
 05:14:35Aztecca - Aztecca's Back03:17 
 05:09:58Nakatomi - Children Of The Night03:59 
 05:05:53Lipstick - Believe In Miracles03:46 
 05:02:20Twenty 4 Seven - We Are The World03:32 
 04:58:21Plaza - Do You Want Me (English Version)03:30 
 04:52:36Fun Factory - Don't Fight05:44 
 04:48:58Tf 99 - Everybody Love03:31 
 04:44:15Rebeca - Solo Amante03:56 
 04:39:55Playahitty - I Love The Sun (Radio Mix)03:48 
 04:34:55Laura T Brooks - Luv You 4 Ever04:20 
 04:31:06Jinny - Wanna Be Withe You03:35 
 04:26:57Ba Original - If I Cant Have You04:09 
 04:22:53Jump! - Frankenstein03:55 
 04:18:34Natasha - Say It Baby (Full Vocal Radio Mix)03:59 
 04:14:39Miracle Base - Show Me The Way03:18 
 04:10:11Eden - You Make Me Feel03:47 
 04:06:37Food 4 Feet - Do It ! (Radio Edit)03:27 
 04:01:07Night Rhythm - Move It Now05:30 
 03:56:32Vengaboys - We Like To Party!03:39 
 03:51:11Texture - Power Of Love05:21 
 03:47:51Space Master - World Of Confusion03:14 
 03:44:06Me & My - Lion Eddie03:20 
 03:40:14Loren-X - Shake It Up (Radio Mix)03:45 
 03:34:59Whitney Houston - I'm Every Woman04:38 
 03:31:00Wienna - Come Into My Life (Radio Edit)03:30 
 03:24:53Darkwood - Gimme The Love06:07 
 03:20:27Ho Dads - Rhythm Is An Option03:48 
 03:15:05M.Gi.M - Be Good To Me05:22 
 03:09:272 Unlimited - Let The Beat Control Your Body04:00 
 03:05:56Flexx - Runner Up03:30 
 03:01:58Orange Blue - If You Wanna Be (My Only)03:51 
 02:57:22Lily Marlene - Riders Of The Night04:17 
 02:53:24Izabela - Ukryte Slowa03:52 
 02:46:5349ers Feat Ann Marie Smith - Hangin' On To Love05:55 
 02:41:40Mr. Six - Take My Love (Original Mix)04:42 
 02:36:04Sir Easy D - Don't You Ever Stop04:56 
 02:32:31Sonicdriver - In Your Arms Tonight(Radio Mix)03:27