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 Antares - Ride On A Meteorite  
 Ancorah - You Will Be Mine  
 Cardenia - Passion  
 Drop - In Your Face  
 Decadance - Latin Lover  
 Silvia Coleman - Take My Breath Away  
 Red Velvet - Into The Night  
 Ice Mc - Music For Money  
 Eclipse - Let The Rhythm Move You  
 Continental Breakfast - Music In My Mind  
 2 Unlimited - Sensuality  
 Cappella - Move On Baby  
 Butterfly - Salvation  
 Bg The Prince Of Rap - The Colour Of My Dreams  
 2 Raff - Don't Stop The Music  
 Eject - Love Me Inside Out  
 Dj Bobo - Love Is All Around  
 Daze - Superhero  
 Cappella - Everybody  
 Ab Logic - Ab Logic