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 Continental Breakfast - Music In My Mind  
 2 Unlimited - Sensuality  
 Cardenia - Passion  
 Dj Max V - On My Mind  
 Roxxy - I'll Never Stop  
 Masterboy - Different Dreams  
 Magnetik - Some Day  
 Jesse Lee Davis - Is This Love  
 Ice Mc - Music For Money  
 Human Nature - Beam Me Up  
 Ellektronica - Get It On  
 Drop - In Your Face  
 Double Impact - Funk  
 Dj Black Feat Giorgia Barrows - You Catch My Broken Heart  
 Decadance - Save My Soul  
 Culture Beat - I Like You  
 Caravan - Caravan Of Love  
 Antares - Ride On A Meteorite  
 Aso Mamiko - Drive Me Crazy To Love  
 Admiral Nelson - Love Is Gone